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Network Marketing Success-The Warm Market List

If your at all in involved with network marketing, you were most likely told to create a list of “2000” friends, family, and coworkers to introduce your business to. This is where most network marketing success starts to decline before it ever gets inclined.burn up a warm martet

This old school method is still the best approach for most new marketers. I would like to explain why and also, through a short story, tell why it is also the worst. The list is imperative, but has to used correctly. Network Marketing success depends on developing relationships. It is through the quality of these relationships that you can market to very targeted group of people who trust you enough to follow you, know you well enough to trust you, and like you enough to even listen to what you have to say. Read the rest of this entry

On Line Home Based Business-Where To Start?


on line home based business key to success

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If you are reading this article I can assume you to are considering starting your own on line home based business. Well congratulations, simply by reading this you have taken more action than probably 90% of the people struggling in todays economy.You can also rest assured that you are not alone. The last statistic I have heard personally was that more than 15,000 people start some form of home or on line home based business each and every week.

With this article I hope  to give you a few of the golden nuggets to really consider before you dive in to the largest marketplace on earth. I also hope it solidifies your desire to start your on line home based business and become an entrepreneur for two very specific reasons.

  • The first is that I personally hope to help as  many people as I can, to not fall into the linear income trap that almost crippled my family. By having only one stream of income, my job,  and not leveraging tools, like the internet, and the efforts of others, my financial security was in very serious jeopardy.
  • The second and most important reason is, that when you decide, and begin your entrepreneurial adventure, you will embark on the most self-empowering journey you will ever experience.

Golden Nugget One, You! Read the rest of this entry

 What you don’t Know, Can hurt. Most of us in the marketing community know the value of having a home based business when it comes to our personal taxes and use the internet or some other means of advertising to help us increase our sales and or recruiting. Most of us are also aware of the power and leverage associated with these tools, especially the internet as a primary delivery platform and the tax savings to help fund our marketing.

However, what you may not know, is that we are very few. Who better to help your prospects keep the money they already earn, than you, someone who leads with value. As marketers, specifically attraction marketers, knowing these specific benefits, and sharing them with prospects can have a dramatic impact on your recruiting efforts and ultimately your sales.

Tip Number One !

The Home Office: The standard home office deduction is directly proportional to the actual square footage of your home used  for business administration and business storage areas. This includes things such as utilities, taxes, maintenance, and of course the corresponding percentage of your mortgage. Read the rest of this entry

Flintstones Vitamins For Your Business

Recently I was able to talk with and get some instruction from a very dear mentor of mine Galen Morgino. As we talked and discussed different tools and techniques we used both online and offline, we really came to a realization together. It was, as simply as I can put it, that everyone has to take their vitamins at some point if they want to grow up big and strong. Remember to take your vitamins daily. They really are good for you.

Now this is, of course a metaphor, one that I hope you can soon relate to. As an entrepreneur, no matter your experience or education, expertise or unique selling position you too will have to learn quite a great deal more to increase your success. Some of this learning will in fact come the hard way. Some will come very easily.

We really are blessed to have the technology we have today. We are able to process so much information at such a high rate of speed it’s almost mindboggling. This high rate of speed, and also the strain or demand to be able to draw from this information and put it to effective use immediately, is where your business nutrition is going to show itself. It’s funny to me how no one recommends the School of Hard Knocks, but everyone respects it’s value.

Now to keep this short I’d like say, “I hope you’ve taken vitamins today”. Read the rest of this entry

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