Harsh Words Huh…..

Well how to use a really catchy title like that is just one of the lessons you could learn if you follow the directions in this video. It is a proven fact that, in email, using a title like, Hey**Name**, Where the Heck AreYou?    Or   **Name**  I almost forgot… , can be as much as  30%-50% more likely to be opened. And that’s just emails. An article or post title is even more powerful.

This is just one of the hundreds, of simple marketing techniques that I have picked up over the last few months. This video is by far the most in your face shout out that you will hear. I hope only that you hear it at just the right time. Time enough to get your butt in gear, and get you and your business headed to the top!!



There are very few requirements here:

The first Three are it!

1. Sign up for My Lead System Pro Here

2. Sign up at Tribepro Here

3. Register for the Challenge Here

4. You Should: And these are all free.

Once registered for the challenge you should recieve the registration email for the webinar on Thursday night!
If you have already done steps 1,2,&3, get registered for this weeks webinar here.

Now this may seem a little or alot direct and to the point and I hope you take it that way. NOW IS THE TIME!


Building Champions Daily!



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Skype: knbednar

PS: If your sponsor isn’t giving you the tools you need to succeed, DON’T WAIT contact me now!!

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