If Your Waiting For Leads To Come From The Internet Your Missing Out!


I hope you liked my You-tube video up there. I wanted to put this together for several reasons. There is an extreme gap in what people perceive as prospecting and what actually makes the phone ring.

Take these simple tips and get your lead sheet rolling today!

Meet-up Groups

Meet-up groups are a fantastic way to make great local connections. Join as many as your schedule allows, but try to look for ones that you do share a common and genuine interest in. There are no better recruits than those in your local area, people that you can form a good personal relationship with easily. Be sure to have great big stack of business cards, but collect even more, don’t leave it up to other’s to make that first call.


Remember this question, “Do you know of any one who hasn’t been effected by the recent economic downturn”. If you ask it early, there is almost no way you won’t get a referral when you come back to it. Make sure to always offer your phone number or web address so they can refer people to you.


Have you considered all the list you use? Church, community groups, colleagues, alumni, our kid’s lists of contacts for the 1000’s of things they are involved in, these are the hidden leads that you can reconnect with today. People are busy, go a head, leave a message.

The important thing to remember is, as you are getting started, and in all honesty, from now on, your list for offline lead generation leads is only limited by your creativity.

I hope this helps you, if you feel it might help someone else, please feel free to share it! Also I would love to hear you comments below.

If your offline lead generation isn’t where it should be, contact me, and we will get you set up with the best offline and online lead generation system available.


To Your Success!

Offline Lead Generation


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